Sunday, May 22, 2011

Robert's Rapture Raptor

I clocked this one at 45 MPH
Hey everybody, it's summer and you know what that means? Neither do I, but I've been a busy-ass beaver drawing and inking stuff. And somewhere in the midst of it all the world was supposed to end via Jesus or something. In an effort to be topical, I wanted to doodle an illustration based on this latest apocalyptic, crack-pot news. I must have misheard the word "Rapture" and made an illustration about a "Raptor" instead...Oh well, I'm sure anyone from 4-Chan can find a way to interprate this as the coming of Raptor Jesus, so I'll just say that's what I meant. Anywho, this piece has my favorite character from Jurassic Park, Robert Muldoon, in his fatal encounter with a pair of Velociraptors. Wanted to give it a bit of that Dan Hipp kind of gradient blacks for the foliage in the back; I don't know I pulled it off quite like I wanted. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. if you interested, here's the black and White line-work, which I think I prefer to the color:

~Jim Jam Jimmy James

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