Monday, June 20, 2011

Having a 10th Ave. Freak Out

Ugh...So little time in the day to do anything. It's been tough keeping up with everything, and my social-life is almost null and void now. So there isn't too much to put up right now especially because my Photoshop up and quit on me (so I can't open it again until I go back to Philadelphia). I even started to train myself in the open-source Gimp software so I could do basic color for some stuff. Well hope you enjoy these, the first is the cover to a Father's Day card I did for my Dad. The faces get a bit wonky, but they did the job (on the upside, I now know the in's and out's of DeForest Kelley's face).
Next is the black and white linework for a Ghostbusters piece I'm doing. I'm waiting until I get my Photoshop back before I start work coloring it. Enjoy!
~Jay Jay the James Plane

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  1. for some reason, when i would click on your blog in my sidebar, it would say "blog not found" but i found my way back onto it, so this is my first time seeing all your posts since "rapture raptor". All i gotta say is everything is looking great! your drawing, inking, coloring, compositions, and subject matter are all equally awesome! keep on truckin