Monday, February 13, 2012

Breakwater Experiments

The other night I attended a concert for the Philly-born funk band: Breakwater. A friend of mine turned me on to them, but you may better know them from the guitar riff sampled from the song Release the Beast used in Daft Punk's Robot Rock.
The show was great and had me thinking up a gig poster for them in my head. So today I decided to diddy-up the design and try out some techniques illustrator-extraordinaire Christine Larson taught me over the summer (here's her quick step-by-step).
--I'll give you time to check out her site linked above on her name there, because you seriously should....Go on...GO I SAY!
So anywho, I wanted to test out some of those aforementioned techniques. I gave it a go and this was the result:

Of course, this was more of an experiment than a necessity to making the piece. The type needs a lot of tending too, maybe even a whole re-do, but I thought the piece as a whole came together pretty nicely. Leave some feedback or comments or something; would love to hear some critique.

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  1. this rules, kudos for gettin such an awesome piece done so quick!