Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Ely

Poster art by Andy Hood

Every year, my school's/University of the Arts' illustration department holds a juried exhibition of the senior students' thesis works called the "ELY Exhibition". Here's the website's description:
 "This annual competitive exhibition features the work of the entire senior class of Illustration majors, giving them the opportunity to show their work to thousands of people. Endowed by its namesake in 1964, the William H. Ely Award for Excellence in Illustration is a juried exhibition featuring work ranging from CD jackets to concert posters, magazine spreads to elaborately ornamented surfboards. Cash prizes are awarded for the top three entries."
This year was judged by 3 artists: Jon Bartlett, Joe Devito, and Dan Blackman. There were 4 prizes given out and 4 honorable mentions. Every piece submitted to the gallery was extraordinary and everyone worked their asses off. Unexpectedly, my pieces were chosen for first prize.
A major congratulations to John Thomas, Kelsey Niziolek, Leah Romero, Michelle Miller, Nancy Hill, Crystal Ben, Andy Burger, and, well, everyone! It was a seriously great show.
I know I've uploaded some of the progress on these, but here are my 4 finished pieces:


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  1. I was so happy when they announced your name for 1st prize! Keep the awesome work up James ^_^