Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Piece of the April

Hello all! Now, first things first, I want err'yone to be aware of my new website (you may have spotted a link above to the right) called Kaminskivision. It's my online portfolio site, so feel free to drop a comment there and tell me how you like it or just to say hey. My facebook fan page, twitter, and tumblr are also around if anyone didn't know or is interested. I try my best to update often.  Also here's some new fan pages on the face of book which everyone should like as well, fellow cartoonist society member and awesome illustrator Michelle Miller, and fellow cartoonist society member and awesome illustrator Chris "Patch" Patchell's "I Put the Can in Cancer" book fan page.

Well, here's a chimp to break this self-promoting schtuff to get the real meat of this post.

Anyways! I just wanted to post the most recent COPOUT comic I've done. With the year winding down, I wanted to push this comic a little more than I usually do with the COPOUT stuff. I got the idea to do this comic while walking home after a night at the bar around 3 am. The original idea was to have as many bread puns as I could fit, but I eventually realized that would have been incredibly stupid (however hilarious to me). So this is the current end product, it still needs some more editing in the inks. Some of the faces are a little wonky and need some touch-ups. Oh, and 100 internet dollars to whoever spots the line lifted straight out of Star Trek. Is it bad that most of my knowledge of 30's gangsters comes from Star Trek?

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