Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey all,
I've been keeping busy and out of trouble. I've suddenly become a teacher's assistant for the most talented and awesome teacher Christine Larsen and have become kind of gainfully employed by The University of the Arts. Kind of bizarre to me, especially because I'm helping in a room I've had classes in myself. In any case I've been busy scribbling up some more arts-werks for y'all. I'm not finished with any in particular yet though, so here's my process on my coveredblog submission in the works:
Pencil Sketch
Refined Sketch
A good friend and fellow COPOUT Artist, Jason Piperberg, joined me in making a covered cover. His was for a Dark Horse contest, you can check out his cover as well as process in the link on his name. And just in case you were wondering what kind of filthy, dingy, dark environment I work in, here's a shot of my den of ink-stains and eraser-shavings. Oh and comics too, lots and lots of comics.

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